FAQ’s Student Visa Application- Australia

Trust me, I received more than 10 messages from friends, families, or even those who aren’t on my friend’s list, asking how I got here in Australia. What are the requirements? How much  money did I show for my visa to be approved? What IELTS score do I need to get for student visa?

Sonny’s Hair Design and Beauty Studio

Brittle, frizzy, hair-fall, and tangled.- these adjectives perfectly described my hair, and what made it worse was that, a hair cut in Australia costs a fortune. Literally. And a penniless student like me could only depend on DIY’s such as “how to give yourself a haircut.” or “how to colour your own hair”. Recently, I…

Fantasy Lodge Resort- Samboan, South of Cebu

To those humans whose souls have been withered and whose hearts and minds have been terribly bruised- figuratively, by toxic city life, this idyllic place is perfect for you.

Travel Tips For First Time Travellers Abroad

Last December, I went to Singapore with my sister and my brother. During the immigration interview in Changi Airport, I was thoroughly examined by the Singaporean Immigration Officer. He was eyeing me suspiciously and even asked me to tuck my hair between my ears, maybe to check if I were the same person on my passport….

BOCAS Modern Patisserie

” I really recommend BOCAS as a dessert destination in Cebu. They don’t just sell dessert like any other bake shop, they sell a unique and genuine experience that comes from the heart and leaves you with a happy tongue !” Jeffrey Broutin

LUMPIA NI SENYANG – So, what’s your story?

“Unsa imo lunch unya?” (What is your lunch later?)

This is the everyday question you’d often hear in SACS Campus.

“LuSo” the usual response or “Lumpia ni Senyang.” and another dirty joke is “Paresan og BuTu” (Bugnawng Tubig) (Translation: “Pair it with cold water.”)