Chot Reyes

09.07.2015 Everyone cheered, laughed, and felt giddy as Chot Reyes brought us to last 3 minutes of the game that changed the History of Philippine Basketball. In this last 3-minute game his story began. A story on team building, leadership and coaching people. Chot Reyes, former head coach of Gilas Pilipinas and a 5-time PBA…

21 Quotes From Philippa Gregory For Your Battered Soul, Strong Woman!

“I believe in me, in my view of the world. I believe in my responsibility for my own destiny, guilt for my own sins, merit for my own good deeds, determination of my own life. I don’t believe in miracles, I believe in hard work.”
― Philippa Gregory

Council of International Students in Australia Conference in Cairns

“As an international student we are not here to just study. We are here to bring a change and contribute to the economy of this country who gave us this opportunity. And we would like to make best use of it.”

– Akash Varma, Masters Student @ Monash University

FAQ’s Student Visa Application- Australia

Trust me, I received more than 10 messages from friends, families, or even those who aren’t on my friend’s list, asking how I got here in Australia. What are the requirements? How much  money did I show for my visa to be approved? What IELTS score do I need to get for student visa?

Sonny’s Hair Design and Beauty Studio

Brittle, frizzy, hair-fall, and tangled.- these adjectives perfectly described my hair, and what made it worse was that, a hair cut in Australia costs a fortune. Literally. And a penniless student like me could only depend on DIY’s such as “how to give yourself a haircut.” or “how to colour your own hair”. Recently, I…

Fantasy Lodge Resort- Samboan, South of Cebu

To those humans whose souls have been withered and whose hearts and minds have been terribly bruised- figuratively, by toxic city life, this idyllic place is perfect for you.

Travel Tips For First Time Travellers Abroad

Last December, I went to Singapore with my sister and my brother. During the immigration interview in Changi Airport, I was thoroughly examined by the Singaporean Immigration Officer. He was eyeing me suspiciously and even asked me to tuck my hair between my ears, maybe to check if I were the same person on my passport….

BOCAS Modern Patisserie

” I really recommend BOCAS as a dessert destination in Cebu. They don’t just sell dessert like any other bake shop, they sell a unique and genuine experience that comes from the heart and leaves you with a happy tongue !” Jeffrey Broutin