5 Different Types of Managers

Let me get it straight,

I know leadership is a not a walk in the park. It’s a tedious job, knowing the future of your team lies in your hand. Yes, no matter what you say about “You are shaping your own career.”- we both know it’s a big lie. The future of your team member- LIES IN YOUR HAND.

Below is the list of different types of Leader I have encountered. 🙂


The Kris Aquino Manager

She is primadonna. She has to be the center of attention-all the time. If somebody gets the spotlight, then you’ll have to face her terror! Respect to her means noticing her new outfits, expensive shoes or bags, or a change on her hairstyles. Yes, she is that easy to please!

She also speaks whatever comes to her mind- may it be beneficial or not. She has opinions to most everything and she expects her people to agree with her whether she is wrong or not.

However, you can try to work her narcissism at your advantage. Since she has a big ego, she believes she can never do wrong. When one of her people makes a mistake, she tries her best to defend him. She won’t let her team be ridiculed or belittled because that would mean, a boomerang to her. That’s her asset. She takes good care of her team and makes sure everyone does what is expected of him/her. She finds ways to make things easier- for her.


The “Digong” Manager

This type of leader is very charismatic. He is known for his brusque and daredevil manner. He handles everyone fairly and with utmost respect. He always tries his best to defend his people, and never put a blame on them when something bad happens. He takes the fall, but always finds the root cause of the problem. He is not scared of confrontation, and sometimes his words or actions are taken out of context- but he does not care. He knows where he stands, and fights for it. Nobody wants to mess with him, as he doesn’t forget-ever! He does not try to please so he is not afraid to stand alone.

“What really is the problem, and let’s resolve it now.” his favorite phrase. He is straightforward, and won’t hesitate to give an honest opinion. If he doesn’t like what happens, he tells you straight ahead, and makes sure not to repeat the same mistake again.


The “Leila De Lima” Manager

 She looks smart, dresses smart, talks smart. She simply knows where to put herself in every situation. When something great happens, you definitely see her everywhere, taking the limelight and tell other people “This is what I did-that is why the project was a success!” Oh dear, she loves every minute of it, totally believing every word she is saying. She shares the credits, but always makes sure she has the bigger portion of the pie!

However, if something bad happens, she still talks- and makes sure someone has to take the fall. She also knows the right people to be friend with, and currently, she is best friend with the “Philippine Media” leader.

“Favorite Phrase: “The problem occurs when (mentions the name of her member) forgot to hit the “send” button.” (yes, she is that dumb!)


The “Philippine Media” Manager

This type of leader has issues to most everything- as long as that “everything” doesn’t work at her advantage.  She is a great story teller, that she can spawn a very beautiful tale about bravery, acceptance and love (with a twist!)- like how she courageously tame the beast (a snob counterpart from the other side of the world, perhaps?) or how she has turned an insolent and misunderstood teenager into a role model of the society .

Lucky is the one she favors, because as she goes up, the favored one also goes up. (Of course- a perfect relationship goal.)

This type of leader doesn’t care about her team. She only cares a few, and doesn’t mind the others. Once she feels threatened, she won’t think twice of abolishing the “threat” by creating another short story. If she doesn’t approve of you, then good luck. You will just be  another “Anecdote” in her thank you speech.


The “Ferdinand Marcos” Manager

This type of leader if not the worst, he is closer to disaster. He knows his ways with words like The Philippine Media Leader and like The Digong Leader, he is very charismatic.  You cannot actually pinpoint what is wrong with him, you just have this gut feeling that behind the beautiful facade- there is just something wrong- something not right.

He is smart, well-respected by his colleagues, and seems to have been doing great, but everything is warped. When you look at him, with the way he smiles, with the way he carries out his phony speeches about success- his people just cannot decide whether he is telling the truth or not. Once you dig deeper about his personal life, you’ll discover his multitudes of underground activities and make you question his credibility.


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