Birdseed Breakfast Club + Cafe

A good breakfast is like winning a lottery, and finding a place that serves it whole day is tantamount to discovering the fountain of youth!!

Birdseed  Breakfast Club + Cafe is owned by Alyssa Edrea Lao. Birdseed is diner lingo for “Breakfast”- yes, it means, you can have breakfast at anytime of the day!

When asked what inspired her to open up the cafe and the inspiration of her menu, she answered passionately with this   “Food offerings are personally inspired for my love of gourmet breakfast meals and a great quality cup of coffee. Because who doesn’t love a full breakfast at whatever time in the day, right?”.

True enough, it has lived to its mission since it opened last January 16, 2016, which is to comfort the soul of every diner who happens to visit the place.



Towing my 3 year old son on a Saturday morning -hunting for food, my fiance suggested to have breakfast at Birdseed Breakfast Club + Cafe, persuading me that this cafe serves great meals. For the love of breakfast, I concurred.  🙂

The Chic-Minimalist inspired interior design welcomed us in sheer delight, enticing every visitor that spontaneity is always a great idea, and  indeed, IT IS.

Birdseed Breakfast Club + Cafe has only one branch and is strategically situated in the uptown part of Cebu, which makes it easy to navigate- this can be accessed both by private and public vehicles. Parking is not a problem too.

It’s free!!!

The diner offers variety of breakfast meals without overwhelming your budget. At first glance at their menu,  prices can be intimidating, but once you see the generous servings of their food,you will soon realize that it’s worth it. (Trust me!)

We took our time checking the menu. As first timers, we were anxious what to try first, and having a picky-3-year-old toddler as an eater didn’t help too. It is worth to mention that this cafe doesn’t use MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) to flavor their food, which to a mother like me is a plus point! (Smile Emoji here!)


Croque Madame when served. (seriously, this looks like a cake!)

However, if you are already starving, you may need to extend your patience just a bit, as they cook your meals from scratch- which to me is a great thing. (One of the reasons I love it!)

But I can guarantee you, the finish product will never disappoint! Our meals arrived after 30 to 35 minutes- our tummies were already grumbling.  Our annoyance disappeared like magic when we saw our food- they all looked picture-perfect, you wouldn’t dare eat them!

Imagine this. (droolling.)

The cheesy goodness from Croque Madame embodies comfort food, as big as it is you just can’t help but devour this treat in no time! This is no ordinary sandwich, I tell you- rich colby jack mornay sauce, (Mornay sauce is a Béchamel sauce with shredded or grated Gruyère cheese added – wikipedia) , stuffed with homemade bacon and garlic ailoli between two giant pullman bread, then topped with Mozarella cheese broiled into perfection! On top of that goes a fried egg! It is also paired with homemade potato chips. Trust me, you can never say NO  to this beauty!

The eloquent Pesto Chop!!!

The elegant  pesto chop- looking ravish (as always) sitting silently on the plate- too confident of its beauty.  Drizzled with thoughtful amount of pesto sauce and  cashew crust- it does not disappoint! To those who are counting their calories, this meal is best for you, this is already with a vegetable salad as side dish, and is also paired with garlic brown rice- Fredo couldn’t help of additional serving of rice!

And, yes, we will definitely come back. 🙂




Birdseed Break Club + Cafe

Address: Unit F19, Axis Entertainment Avenue, N. Escario Street, Cebu City 6000

Store opens Daily from 7:30 AM- 10: 30 PM

Serves All day-day breakfast, dinner, drinks, coffee, desserts.

Contact Number: (032) 254- 9463

Facebook Page:\



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