How to get FIT (ACT ON IT)

I’ve been asked a lot of times how do I keep my body in shape after giving birth, and I always answer them truthfully.

I exercise.” I usually say.

“That must be very hard?” some people gush, perhaps mortified at the thought of getting sweat.

“No, it’s not really difficult, it’s like an obsession.” my scripted respose, choosing my words properly.  “I exercise everytime I have a chance .”

Like, how do you do it?”

That question is the inspiration of this post. ๐Ÿ™‚ But let me tell you first, I don’t go to fitness gyms. It’s not that I am allergic to them, but I just can’t afford them.  Paying Php1000.00-Php2,5000.00 a month- to me is a big waste of money, especially I know a few people who are paying that amount but only visit the  gym once a week or even never.

Plus, it may come as a surprise, I am very frugal when it comes to money. I have this belief, if I can get the same results by doing it at home or by not spending, then I’d find ways to do it.

Enough with the litany, okay, like what I said, “I exercise everytime I have a chance to”- I meant it literally. There are so many ways to burning calories that don’t require equipment nor a special place.

Sometimes, it only requires YOU and your ass to MOVE.

But first, these reminders…



Create  a habit.

I always start my day with a glass of water-or even 2 glasses. I read an article (8 Best Times To Drink Water ), and I tried it out of curiosity, to be honest, I am not sure if it works, but this has become a habit. It gives my mind a schedule to my body when do I need to drink water. (I guess, it really works. haha. Anyway, I only disobey my mind when I am at a Buffet Restaurant!)

Get to know your body and know what you want. 

One day, I was at the mall, about to buy that Body-Hugging Red dress. I was confident it’d fit me, and it did fit me, however, my butt came off too big and saggy that would remind you of a century old apple! I hurriedly took off the dress, not with  disgust of my body, but aghast with the reality that I am staring at someone who wasn’t me. I studied my body (yes, inside the dressing room!) and cursed under my breath.

“WTH?” I had an enormous butt that was languidly swaying when I walk. I didn’t like that. I want my butt to walk with confidence, like me.

Then a realization hit me like a tsunami (well, that’s corny.) I may have exercised regularly, however, I only did what I felt like doing .If I feel like doing squats, I’d do 30 reps, a bit of push-ups and some sit-ups, then I am done. Though, I didn’t gain weight, but I didn’t lose either, and I am not getting the result that I want.

Firm is the new sexy, that is exactly what I want.


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Set up a goal, Follow a strict timeline and adhere to it!

With the help of google, I did some research on how to do better movements  that will help me get a firm body. I came across with a Calendar Planner- Fitness Challenges. (just type Fitness Challenges), and I loved the idea. Studying the calendar made me muse how petty my regimen was. Drinking lots of water or doing squats every morning may be a good start, but it was still not enough. There’s a science to it, and it only requires determination and  ACTION.

ACTION- act on it. (see, the letters may interchange, but it’s there.) You look for a Fitness Calendar that suits your style, and strictly adhere to it.

Note: She’s pretty.


Just fucking do it! Really, trust me on this. Once you get started, everything will follow.



You may think “Oh, it’s too easy for you to say that, Jeddy.” But tell you what, it WASN’T. Like what you said, I have a child and I was really huge during my pregnancy. So when I gave birth to my son, Gavin, I gave up the idea of getting my body back.(Post-Natal depression did that to me, I felt ugly, and sad.) and…

“anyway, I already have a partner, who loves me no matter how BIG I will be, so what’s the point of it all, right?” I used to say to myself.

But, it didn’t do me good. I was not  confident – I didn’t say getting a sexy body gives you confidence, but exercising does. Believe me. It gives you a positive vibe about everything.

It’s clichรฉ, I know of that, this seems to be the only fitting phrase to say  – don’t look how far you have to do to reach your goal, but look back how far you have come.  You are already there, so what’s the point of giving up, right?  Keep doing it. Keep moving your body. Keep MOVING YOUR FUCKING BODY.

To be continued…




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