How To Get FIT (Are you a VICTIM or ACCOUNTABLE?)

Are you a victim, or accountable?- Miguel Jimenez

It’s a hell lot easier to be a victim, or is it?

Well,to be honest, feeling like a victim is very satisfying, knowing you are not alone in the boat, just knowing that even the smartest or the most beautiful ones are with you on this,  gives you comfort. “I am not the only one” gives validation to your negative feeling.  But let me ask you, are you happy?

  1. Blaming your partner for not reminding you to stop eating.

  2. Blaming stress for devouring that 1 tub of ice cream.

  3. Blaming  your friend for bringing you to that fancy restaurant or even blaming the food itself!

  4. Blaming motherhood/fatherhood. (I was thinking twice to put this one, but I have to. I based this on my experience, I hope I don’t upset some people reading this.)

  5. Or, blaming me for posting those Katkat Recipes.  🙂

Let me clear on this, I don’t judge people when they eat their stress away, but I start judging them when they start complaining about their weights, healths and looks without taking into account that it is their fault at the very beginning.

When I had my breakdown inside the dressing room (in the unlikeliest place on earth!), I stood there, staring at a stranger gazing (even mocking) back at me, only then I was able to grasp, I had been a victim for too long. I had let insecurity, weariness and madness invade my heart, I had become THEM. I was staring at them, challenging me. “What can you do? We are stronger than you.”

I was in pain with the realization- if I stayed being a victim, I’d let myself down and let these demons won me over, so I made the hardest decision, to take accountability.

Are you accountable?


If you read this, I want you to think all your mistakes,

  • you did in the past
  • you are doing now
  • and what you can do to correct them for the future.

I want you stop blaming. (just stop.)

I want you to be STRONG.

I want you to say “I am BEAUTIFUL.”

I want you to say this “I am going to be FIT.”

Then ACT  ON IT.

And you will be.

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