Experience Malaysia 😊😊


Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and is known for the Petronas Towers. But kid you not, the famous Towers are not the only sights you can enjoy in the city. There are a myriad of activities you can do that don’t involve spending much and making yourself a fool doing selfies at the foot of the Petronas Towers.

1. Resorts -World Genting Highlands

You can forget Ngong-Ping in Hongkong- Resorts World Genting Highlands offers similar activities without breaking your bank! (maybe even more!)

It’s like a giant playground for kids and adults! There are Theme Parks, Casinos, Temples, Farms, Hotels, Restaurants of different Cuisines, and many more!

One day is not enough to explore this paradise. You REALLY need to stay a night or two, and you will NEVER REGRET it!

How to get there? 

Getting there is easy! You can purchase a one-way ticket for 10 RM/adult and 9 RM/ child. (1 RM=PHP 11.75 ) at KL Center. The ticket already includes the 1 hour and 30 minute bus ride to Genting and 20-25 minute Skyway Ride!

PLUS- there are FREE Shuttle Buses that bring you to all sights- Strawberry Farms, Batu Cave Temple and Chin Wee Temple (This is a steal experience!)

Genting Highlands also offers accommodation if you want to spend a night there. Various rates are offered for different types of travellers.

Activities in Genting Highlands

Hotels, Transportation and Fares

Free Shuttle Bus Schedules

The Hop on-Hop off Bus! 🙂


I know to some who have been to Malaysia, this is no longer new, however if you are into street photography,  a vagabond wanting to unwind around the city or a new tourist, this activity is for you!

The Hop on-Hop off tour bus brings you to 23 best tourist spots and 70 attractions around Kuala Lumpur. (And my son enjoyed it!!!)

Streets in Kuala Lumpur.

I advise all tourists to never miss this, and if you have enough time, purchase the 48-hour Pass, for best experience! The last destination is the Petronas Towers, but then again, like what I said on my first paragraph, there are other great sights in Kuala Lumpur, save the best for last. 😀

1. Purchase your tickets online. You can save a lot!
2. Children 5 years old below are free of charge! (I need to put it here because we paid for our mongrel only then we were informed that he should free and they don’t do refunds.)
3. The bus only stops at their designated stops. (This is a good reminder, learn from us!)
4. You can hop on to any destination you want to go first. It means, if destination Number 2, which is the KL TOWER  is best visited at night, you can opt not to stop there and save it for later. (You can ask for the City Map or click at the link below.. 🙂 )
5.  But then, the bus only operates until 8pm, the last pick up time is 7 PM. Be mindful of the time, they are really strict about it. 😀😀
6. There is a 20-30 minute intervals for every bus, so…patience.patience.patience.
7. No food is allowed in the bus, but drinks are sold inside. 😀
8. You can purchase your tickets inside the bus- just in case you don’t know.
9. For great experience, sit at the viewing deck!!! You won’t feel the heat but don’t be too confident, apply sun block for protection.
10. Enjoy!!

Click the link for more information. 😀😀

Main site:  Hop-Hop Off Home Page

Map: Hop on-Hop 0ff Route Map

Online purchase: Purchase Tickets Online


Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel- name it!

Shopping is one of the best ways to enjoy Malaysia. There are Street Fairs, trade centers, Malls everywhere!

4.  Parks, Temples and Museums

Kuala Lumpur has done a great job in preserving their history-through their humungous Museums and Temples. If you are a History/Culture enthusiast, then visiting this city is a great choice! There are numbers of Majestic Temples and Museums that can be found just around the city, not to mention their Parks!


5. FOOD!!!!


Do I need to expound on this? Malaysia is a multicultural country. Its integration with Indian and Chinese cuisines has created a World-Class Menu! Whatever it is you are craving- you won’t be disappointed!

Fast food chains such as Mcdonalds, KFC, Wendys and others are found everywhere the city.


For more information, please visit this site:

Things to do in Kuala Lumpur






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