Brasas-Latin American Streetfood in Cebu (A Foodgasmic Experience)


I literally closed my eyes- savoring the fusion of flavors exploding like fireworks  in my mouth.

I could hear devils tempting me to take more bites- and I wholeheartedly gave in.


Burritolicious Burrito- Less rice, less beans- MORE MEAT!!! And heaps of UGHH!!”

Brasas had me at first dish!

Every dish makes you feel like walking on  the street of Peru, Nicaragua, Spain, Brazil-name it.

Brasas brings Latin America in Cebu! It offers authentic Latin American streetfood experience and DEFINITELY A “MUST TRY” FOR ALL CEBUANOS!!

Have you ever tried eating in a newly opened resto- and at the end of the meal, you’d feel you were being robbed? There was a void in your stomach that wasn’t filled by what you just ate? Your happiness was being sucked away from you, and vowed to never return to that place, ever again?

Well, I had. And tell you what, I was really mad at that place- I even swore to have it closed!

But ofcourse, I didn’t do that, instead, I try my best to stay away from that Japanese bistro. After that experience, I am now  wary  to try new restaurants again. I went back to my comfort places until…

Brasas happened.

Eat to your heart’s content- I definitely did just that! (smug smile)

Was it a love at first sight?

More of a love at first taste on my part.

I ordered their CARNE BURRITO, because I always love burritos- and theirs didn’t disappoint me! I loved it!

Lookie- for Php 195.00- you can share this with your friend!

Capping my week with this! It’s been a sad and crazy week but this made me believe that happiness still awaits me at the end of the tunnel. Foodgasm at its finest!!!!! 🙂 
One word: Generous.  All servings are geneorus- this is a solo meal- but this can be shared with your squad!!! No- I am not kidding! Fredo enjoyed it!
You can literally see how your food is being prepared! Kudos to the staff- they are quick and genuinely friendly to us, answering my questions. I had no intent to write a review about it, but I just couldn’t let it slip. Kindness begets kindness. 🙂

Such a noble act to whoever owns it, I couldn’t thank the owner enough for taking the challenge to open Brasas! And because of this, I have this tremenduous urge to spread this good news to my fellow foodies.


The grand launching of Brasas will be on March 13, 2017- and YOU are definitely invited!

BRASAS- Latin American Streetfood

Address: Meerea Highstreet, Ouano Avenue, North Reclamation Area,

Cebu City 6000 (Just beside Total Gas Station)

Store opens Daily from (to be advised)

Serves Latin American streetfood, dinner, drinks, coffee, desserts.

Contact Number: (To be advised)

Facebook Page:  BRASAS



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Fowl_alpha says:

    This is definitely a must visit in Cebu. Too bad I’m here in Manila but will surely include this in my wishlist.:)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It has a branch in Manila- @ The Podium Ortigas Center.. 😊 it is definitely visit-worthy.. 😍😍

      Liked by 2 people

  2. khaleesinx says:

    Uhmmm.. what else do you think are great in there?


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