LUMPIA NI SENYANG – So, what’s your story?

“Unsa imo lunch unya?” (What is your lunch later?)

This is the everyday question you’d often hear in SACS Campus.

“LuSo” the usual response or “Lumpia ni Senyang.” and another dirty joke is “Paresan og BuTu” (Bugnawng Tubig)  (Translation: “Pair it with cold water.”)

LuSo is Lumpia and puSo, but it could mean another thing in our dialect, and don’t dare ask what it means.

Lumpia ni Senyang is a big part not only to every student in SACS (Saint Alphonsus Catholic School) but also to majority of Oponganons. So visiting the place is like a walk down to the memory lane.

It’s almost nostalgic!

LuSo is best paired with Nanay Senyang’s coconut milk.
The famous lumpia and puso. 🙂

Lumpia is “spring roll” in english, and hers is not the usual meaty ones. Her modest lumpia is a mix of bean sprouts and a bit of grind pork meats. What makes it special is her sauce- her SUPER SPICY SAUCE!

God knows we have been trying to replicate it, but there’s always something missing from our ingredients, and if you ask her, she’d just  give you her beautiful smile! 🙂 UGH!!!

Nanay Senyang can make 1000 pieces of lumpia- and still be confident that they’re all going to get sold!!! She cooks the best lumpia in town!!!!        

So, even if these students have graduated or are living out of town or country, whenever they step their foot in Lapu-Lapu, they always-it never fails- pay a visit to Nanay Senyang humble Lumpia and Puso eatery.

This is the humble eatery of Nanay Senyang. 🙂 Honesty is the best policy is her life’s motto. So you can order anything,pay after you eat, and if you lie- she wouldn’t call your attention, but she knew. She always knows. 
A photo of me and Nanay Senyang. She always remembers despite the number of students eating at her place. Whenever I pay her a visit, she’d always ask me about my son, how am I doing with my life, have I been a good girl- sort of questions. 🙂 She’s like a mother to us. 
I could finish 3-4 pcs of these and still crave the next day!!! I don’t know what she is putting on her lumpia, but people just couldn’t get enough of it!!! And, before I forget, Maria Ozawa paid her a visit last year!!!!

It doesn’t matter how many places each has visited, or how many great/expensive restaurants they have dined in- we always go back to where our hearts truly belong- Lumpia ni Senyang. 

So what’s your Lumpia ni Senyang story?

Lumpia Ni Senyang

Address: At the back of Saint Alphonsus Catholic School-Highschool Campus

Store opens Daily from 7:00 AM-7:00 PM

Serves dinner, drinks, yema, pancakes

Contact Number: (To be advised)

Facebook Page:  Lumpia Ni Senyang

Instagram: None 





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tsk! says:

    I remember kinder pa ko ato sa Saint Adrew, barong-barong pa to ila pwesto dinha ra pud kilid sa Saint Andrew, daghan kaayo magtapok tga SACS pra mukaon. Akong paliton ato nga time kay ang hotcake ra og sago kay kinder pman. But ka remember ko, gagmay pa jud tu iyang lumpia unyag tag 2.50 ra. Pero naa na daan ang trademark nga sauce ni ng senyang nga halang kaayo.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Nakasuroy naka sa new senyang ron? Wala na silay pink sago.. mao baya to alo favorite sauna. Haha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. khaleesinx says:

    Mine was every morning- mag.andam na si nang senyang sulod sa campus.. then maglumbaanay dayon palit sa iyaha.. haha. 7.50 pato iyaha lumpia.

    Liked by 1 person

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