Fantasy Lodge Resort- Samboan, South of Cebu

Panoramic. Intimate.  A sanctuary.

Nestled atop of the mountain, Fantasy Lodge Resort offers a panoramic view of the ocean, the mountains, and the sunset. It is also surrounded by the great wonders of South of Cebu such as: Kawasan Falls, Aguinid Falls and the like;  Whale Shark Watching; Sumilon Island; and the famous Canyoneering. 

This is a home that truly connects with  nature in every way, as your sight line will never be without the ocean and the mountains.  

It is a perfect vision of simplicity,  contentment, intimacy, and romance. Its lack of superficiality makes you feel at ease, it almost feels like you are at one with nature.  (Photo credits by: Whimsy Snaps , Ma. Teresa Garilao)
There’s a good view, a nice view, and a view that’s etched in your brain forever- and this was one big unforgettable sunset experience to me.  This is taken on the beach side  of the resort. 🙂 You could sit there all afternoon, waiting for the sunset, then gaze at the stars at night. CLASSIC!

At a glance, you could easily determine that this used to be a private club house, and my doubt was concluded while conversing with the owner, Mr. Patrice Gerard. “Fantasy Lodge Resort was built as a house, 15 years ago, but since I am not always around, I decided to have it opened for everyone to experience it, as long as the guests respect the employees that make their stay memorable.” he said when I asked about the reasons behind opening this luxurious place to the public.

“I like to work with native materials and local workers and bring some economical and substainable economy in a remote province, such as, Samboan.” Mr. Patrice’s passionate response when asked about the designs and interiors.  “I’m inspired by this land and saw its potential since the first time I found it. What I love the most, is the view-  it’s my playground and I like to develop it with total respect for the nature and the place.” he continued, as he discussed about his projects to add 3 more apartments with tiny kitchens that would cater big groups and maintaining the cleanliness and natural state of the place.

The resto bar can fix meals and drinks. I disagree on the “pricey-food” reviews I’ve read.  Firstly, servings are generous, eah can be shared with your squad. Secondly, each dish aren’t prepared commercially- what I mean by this is you get what you ask for. You ask for tinolang isda, you a get a fresh tinolang isda. And you can’t buy a Php290.00 peso pizza that can shared by 4-6 people in the city- this is my third reason. 🙂 So be careful when you make reviews with the food.
Tuna Pizza for Php 290.00 ONLY. 
Tell you what, the pool is very simple, however, it has a central heater that works all day- which is a big big plus point to me. Especially if you have kids on tow. The management also offers free use of life vests for adults and kids. 🙂

Mr. Patrice Gerard values all his employees, and the reverence is reciprocated.  You could feel it by the way they treat their guests with utmost respect and with only one goal in mind- to give us a first class experience.

You’d definitely feel the filipino hospitality in them. And the services go beyond the social media- they try to answer inquiries, comments and reviews on their page (and even like your posts!)- which is very vital to me. It shows not only their dedication but their passion to make each guest’s stay a memorable one. Kudos to the team! 🙂

The QUEEN-LIFE of Jeddy. 🙂 The famous Kawa Hot Baths and the first in CebU, is just what you need after a long, amazing journey with nature. This practice can be traced way-way back from our ancestors, and it never gets old- but this one is with a twist. Instead of a bath tub, you’d have it with a giant Kawa filled with hot water, infused with lavender and virgin coconut oil that help your body relaxed and left it thorougly moisturized.  (Kawa means cauldron). Plus: the view of the ocean. SLAY! (Kawa bath is Php450.00/hour)

When you walk farther, you’d notice a stoned-stairs that will guide you to the crystal-like sea.

The laid-back beach side of the resort doesn’t disappoint either. The crystal-like water of the beach is tempting you to take a dip and never stop.
Fooling around after my friend’s birthday photoshoot. 🙂
A perfect place to celebrate love, family and friendship.

To those humans whose souls have been withered and whose hearts and minds have been terribly bruised- figuratively, by toxic city life, this idyllic place is perfect for you.


Address: Brgy. Dahilacan, Samboan,Cebu 

Store opens Daily from 7:00 AM- 9:00 PM

Mountain Resort, Resto Bar

Contact Number: 0917 700 6027

Email Address:

Facebook Page:  Fantasy Lodge Resort




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