BOCAS Modern Patisserie

” I really recommend BOCAS as a dessert destination in Cebu. They don’t just sell dessert like any other bake shop, they sell a unique and genuine experience that comes from the heart and leaves you with a happy tongue !” Jeffrey Broutin

Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken And Sauce Bar

Great value for money is even an understatement to describe the place, or yummy.

LUMPIA NI SENYANG – So, what’s your story?

“Unsa imo lunch unya?” (What is your lunch later?)

This is the everyday question you’d often hear in SACS Campus.

“LuSo” the usual response or “Lumpia ni Senyang.” and another dirty joke is “Paresan og BuTu” (Bugnawng Tubig) (Translation: “Pair it with cold water.”)

Birdseed Breakfast Club + Cafe

“Food offerings are personally inspired for my love of gourmet breakfast meals and a great quality cup of coffee. Because who doesn’t love a full breakfast at whatever time in the day, right?”Alyssa Edrea Lao