FAQ’s Student Visa Application- Australia

Trust me, I received more than 10 messages from friends, families, or even those who aren’t on my friend’s list, asking how I got here in Australia. What are the requirements? How much  money did I show for my visa to be approved? What IELTS score do I need to get for student visa?

The Second Time Around And The Beauty In It

“Discovering” is not just about finding something new or something non-existent from the past.

Discovering is also finding something that is already there, something you knew already exist but you didn’t give a damn attention.


I could see how he offered his body to oblivion until it swallowed him whole.

20 doses of Never Let Me Go quotes for the withered soul

“But in the end, we can’t stay together forever.” Okay. I really don’t know how to start this entry, as a myriad of emotions envelope my heart. Never Let Me Go is irrevocably on my top 5 best books of all time. Both the book and the movie adaptation of it made me weep countless…

Top 15 Quotes That Proved Midori Kobayashi Speaks My Mind

Midori Kobayashi is vivacious, loud and simply- NUTS. She has this crazy personality not all people can understand, and she doesn’t care- at all. Either you take her as she is, or ignore her, she doesn’t mind both, trust me. But despite that strong facade, lies a woman who loves and cares deeply. So this…