The Second Time Around And The Beauty In It

“Discovering” is not just about finding something new or something non-existent from the past.

Discovering is also finding something that is already there, something you knew already exist but you didn’t give a damn attention.

10 Steals For A Beautiful Skin

“You are so blessed, I’d kill for a skin like that.”

Here are your answers. 😉😉😉


I could see how he offered his body to oblivion until it swallowed him whole.

Musings (P1)

Some thoughts last December 12, 2013. A few have been changed. I am a frustrated writer.  “What to do next?” I ask myself after strolling around Greenbelt 3. With a pretzel on my hand, I keep on walking without a destination in mind, then I halt when a sign catches my attention. “Php 50 on…

How To Get FIT (Are you a VICTIM or ACCOUNTABLE?)

Are you a victim, or accountable?- Miguel Jimenez It’s a hell lot easier to be a victim, or is it? Well,to be honest, feeling like a victim is very satisfying, knowing you are not alone in the boat, just knowing that even the smartest or the most beautiful ones are with you on this,  gives…

Jeddy’s Kat-Kat Tuna Pesto Pasta

Below is the recipe of Katkat Pesto Pasta. I only used the available ingredients I could find in my kitchen. However, if unavailable, you only get to spend Php 120.00 (more or less) to create this magical Kat-Kat Pasta, and this is already for sharing. (2-3 persons) Jeddy’s Kat-Kat Tuna  Pesto Pasta (15 minute Prep…