LUMPIA NI SENYANGย – So, what’s your story?

“Unsa imo lunch unya?” (What is your lunch later?)

This is the everyday question you’d often hear in SACS Campus.

“LuSo” the usual response or “Lumpia ni Senyang.” and another dirty joke is “Paresan og BuTu” (Bugnawng Tubig) (Translation: “Pair it with cold water.”)

Dumaguete and Siquijor Side Trip (Damn-get-it and Seek-Your Trip)

So. The original itinerary was to stay over night in Osmena Peak after Canyoneering in Badian  but it was instinctively changed the night before we start our backpacking due to the bad weather. My confidence in my mountaineering skills slowly deteriorated as we nearing the date of our trip, seeing the rain showed no signs…

The Second Time Around And The Beauty In It

“Discovering” is not just about finding something new or something non-existent from the past.

Discovering is also finding something that is already there, something you knew already exist but you didn’t give a damn attention.